An Aviation Thriller

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FBI special agent Bob Capone's hande-picked team of experts work feverishly through the night to connect a curio0us electronic box, the Bennetti crime family, and Empire Airline captain Mike Nicholson. As the sun sneaks the first light into the nation's capitol, Capone is finally able to make snse of the myriad of bizarre events brought to his desk during the long night. Flight 8556 will depart Chicago in only minutes, and the horrific nightmare will begin to unfold. Capone knows that he'll need more than a miracle to prevent the crazed airline captain from fulfilling his diabolic quest.

Newgate's Knocker is a fictional story, however, the highly sophisticated wave pulse generator described in the book is, in fact, based on tested technology. Should such a device become viable and available to terrorist organizations, then Newgate's Knocker could prove prophetic.


The author does an incredible job of telling three concurrent stories.
...witty dialogue between well-drawn and believable characters; and the enticing elements of intrigue and romance running throughout the course of the work, make Newgate'sKnocker a fine story; and one perfectly suited for the big screen.
               Christopher Ackerman
               For IndependentProfessional Book Reviewers the fast-paced Newgate'sKnocker.
...crafted a high-flying read, delivering a crash-course in fiction writing
...a riveting and unpredictable adventure.
...Peterson offers a riveting, high-stakes thriller in this first novel.
               SPR Editorial Review, ★★★★
 ★★★★   The fast-paced action begins quickly, and this is a real page turner! 
         Goodreads reviewer: Wayne


 ★★★★★    Good read

The story in this book is very captivating, and it kept my interest throughout. The language was sophisticated and the book was well-written with strong character development. The plot was full of suspense and drama. Readers who are interested in aviation safety or counter terrorism should definitely give this book a chance. Kindle Review

 ★★★★★   A great read...Loved it!    
         1st edition reviewer: Rick Swann


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