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Greg W. Peterson is a prior naval aviator, commercial airline pilot, and air traffic control specialist. He holds nearly every fixed wing flight certification available and is a certified ground and instrument instructor. He has a Bachelor of Science degree in Engineering Technology from St. Cloud State University in Minnesota.
Although  Mr. Peterson has been published in a number of professional magazines., "Newgate's Knocker" is his first full-length novel. The story is fictional, however you may find it interesting that the historical background of the main character, Mac McIntyre, is based on Mr. Peterson's real life, and most of the aviatiion sequences are also taken from his flying experiences.
Mr. Peterson is certified in seven different categories by the International Code Council and has owned and operated a professional residential home inspection company since 1999. His home inspection report supplement provides a comprehensive explanation of many common concerns reported in most home inspections. His home inspection supplement, "Your Home Inspected - An Addendum For Residential Home Inspection Reports" can be purchased on Amazon.